F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce

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Cloud Protection

Uzupełnij natywne zabezpieczenia Salesforce, ograniczając ryzyko spowodowane lekkomyślnymi lub złośliwymi działaniami użytkowników.

Rich reporting, advanced security analytics, and full audit trails ensure an efficient response to threats.Streamlined deployment process via AppExchange, which ensures that you are up and running in just a few minutes.Thanks to cloud-to-cloud integration between Salesforce and F-Secure, no middleware or expensive IT deployment projects are needed.The solution has been created and designed together with Salesforce to ensure seamless integration.

Cloud-based services have revolutionized cyber security

The cloud makes it possible for organizations to outsource certain aspects of their IT systems to capable service providers, with cloud companies repeatedly demonstrating that their systems can outperform on-site solutions in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and security. Cloud-based services are also less resource-intensive for the client company, reducing operational complexity.

What is my responsibility regarding security when using cloud services?

The cloud does not reduce the risk of end-users being compromised, or endpoints being infected. Although your content is being securely hosted in the cloud, targeted attacks or simple human error can still allow an attacker to access your data.

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce complements and strengthens Salesforce's native security capabilities, suppressing the risk posed by files and URLs uploaded by users.

Watch the video series below and learn more how F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce protect against attacks via:

In close collaboration with Salesforce

Our unique solution is able to verify the security of files and links shared on the cloud, without lowering your platform's performance. This is why we've been praised by countless Salesforce users all over the world: in keeping with the spirit of the cloud, we make its protection both simple and effective.

How we protect you

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce utilizes our pioneering Security Cloud technology, 
allowing it to leverage real-time threat intelligence, advanced antivirus capabilities and smart cloud sandboxing.


Our solution monitors the uploading and downloading of files, links and emails in Salesforce platforms without hindering the use of Salesforce.


Content is intercepted in Salesforce, and subjected to a patented threat analysis and detection process in the F-Secure Security Cloud.


A multi-stage analysis process is run using different technologies based on the risk profile of the content.

  • Threat intelligence test
  • Multi-engine antivirus
  • Smart cloud sandbox


Malicious content is automatically blocked, its further use is prevented, and users are provided guidance about what to do next.


Thanks to rich reporting, security analytics, and full audit trails available in your Salesforce platform, administrators are able to respond to incidents efficiently.

What is the shared responsibility model in cloud services?

Cloud-based services provide alternatives to traditional IT infrastructure, and often come with substantial security advantages. They also employ a shared responsibility model for protecting your content. What does this mean in practice?

As organizations move further along in leveraging cloud-based services, more responsibilities are shifted to the providers. This translates into cloud vendors and cloud clients both being liable for failures in the features under their control. To put it simply: if it happens in the cloud, your provider is obligated to secure it.

This doesn't mean that you get absolved of all your responsibilities, however. Everything that enters the cloud from your organization's endpoint devices is on you. Industry-leading IT research and advisory firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, 95% of cloud security failures will be the result of client oversight. In light of this forecast, it is essential that companies fully understand their shared responsibility models, and are capable of implementing relevant security procedures.

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